Why I Love Blogging

People blog for plenty reasons. originally, i started my weblog the give up of 2013 as an author platform.

However as time surpassed, i realized my blog furnished a lot more than an creator platform and it wasn't all approximately the numbers. blogging served a one-of-a-kind and extra profound reason. i'd even say that it is modified the manner i observe and stay my life.

It is why if you're considering beginning a weblog, i'd extraordinarily recommend it. this is, if you're blogging for the proper motives.

If you're beginning a weblog to get rich or maybe to eke out a dwelling, well, don't expect it. monetizing a weblog is first rate hard these days. in reality, after 3 years, i am still now not being profitable from my weblog. via the way, don't trust all of the hype from humans promoting online guides that try to convince you running a blog is a top notch manner to make passive earnings. make no mistake, writing and promoting a blog is a ton of work. there may be not anything passive approximately it.

In truth, it's so smooth to get annoyed when you first begin a blog. as a technically-challenged person, i needed to analyze wordpress. then, i spent a whole lot of time promoting my weblog and looking for an audience. some thing else i knew little approximately. as with most bloggers, i speedy have become obsessed - and depressed - with the numbers and how many site visitors, subscribers, and facebook fans i had on any given day. seems building up readership for a weblog takes quite a few time, attempt, and staying power.

So why blog?

Some human beings may also disagree with me, but i suppose running a blog shouldn't simply be approximately earning money, drumming up enterprise, gathering a massive following, chasing reputation, or trying to promote books.

Blogging can function a creative channel to voice ideas, mind, reviews, beliefs, and feelings. on pinnacle of that, writing a blog presents a super possibility to inspire and contact the lives of other people in a advantageous way.

How running a blog changed my lifestyles

My blog has certainly seen me via many u.s.and downs those past few years. i have written approximately happy moments like a journey to chicago with my husband to celebrate our anniversary, an afternoon spent gambling within the snow with my grandchildren, watching paul mccartney and the rolling stones at wasteland trip, and a brief weekend experience with my youngsters to san francisco.

I have additionally poured my heart out whilst caregiving for my mother who suffered from lewy frame dementia and wrote about her eventual death. i shared my angst while my mom-in-law died from ovarian cancer and my son went via a painful divorce and custody struggle that equal 12 months. (mockingly, quickly when I commenced writing a blog about happiness, i had the worst 12 months of my existence.)

Sure, i really like analyzing, which offers a welcome respite from my issues, however writing is my real get away, outlet, and passion. after I write, i end up so targeted, my troubles fade away for awhile, giving me a much wanted wreck. in reality, in case you're simply a writer, agree with me, it's miles a lifestyles-long dependancy!

The method of placing my mind and feelings into writing has brought me consolation in addition to help me relive happy moments.creator

As i have written about my life, my blog helped me consider what is essential to me and determine if my life is headed inside the right path.

When you consider that i cannot write about each occasion, idea, notion, and feeling, blogging provides a sort of filter, clarifying my lifestyles. my blogs have helped me recognize what is most meaningful to me. i've observed along the way that from time to time it is the simplest moments that make me the happiest.
Why I Love Blogging

Embracing creativity

As a professional author, my blog offers me first-rate innovative freedom to explicit myself. not to pop absolutely everyone's balloon, but writing sounds more glamorous than it's far in truth. for most of the beyond 25 years, i've written articles on topics that magazines, newspapers, publishers, and clients pick out for me.

Genuine, i've written  young person books, journey articles, humorous pieces, and feature tales on fascinating humans that were a laugh. alternatively, if you want to make a living, i have additionally written articles that bored me to tears. i have tackled technical articles - and one technical e-book - that gave me an excedrin headache and drove me nuts. i've written on demand, meeting different people's time limits, writing past due into the night as my mind is desperately attempting to call it quits.

Don't get me wrong. i may additionally sound whiny, however i fully realise that i am darn lucky to have made a living at some thing i like. i would not have had it another way.

The point is, my blog is my toddler. i write on topics i am inquisitive about and experience enthusiastic about and hope my target audience will enjoy as nicely. my blog allows me to stretch as a author, explore, test, and attempt new things whenever the foundation hits. writing professionally has given me the area to post a blog every week, however i write my blogs after I select. and believe me, it really is now not on the crack of dawn or 10:00 at night time! that is costly.

So, the ones are a number of the approaches running a blog has changed my lifestyles. however, as i mentioned earlier, the huge bonus is that blogging can trade other human beings's lives as nicely.

Some humans have left comments letting me understand that i have in some small way stimulated them or provided useful statistics and that always brings me such pleasure. writing a weblog has provided an opportunity to hook up with readers and different bloggers, which has been so worthwhile.

What sort of blogs have verified to be most famous? it's always exciting to peer what resonates and hits domestic. my top ten blogs in order of reputation:

1. five approaches to turn out to be a satisfied-pass-lucky individual

Every 12 months, that is my top-appearing weblog by way of some distance. merriam-webster defines satisfied-cross-fortunate as blithely unconcerned and carefree. synonyms include affable, laid-again, low-stress, and mellow. i bet we all want a number of that!

2. golden boys in live performance: bobby rydell, frankie avalon, and fabian

I used to be asked to do a e book evaluation of bobby rydell's autobiography. this brought about an interview, free tickets to his golden boys concert with frankie avalon and fabian, and a behind the curtain skip to meet rydell in man or woman. this was a pleasant perk that got here from blogging! the day they published my live performance overview on rydell's fb page, my visitors accelerated by using 3000% for the day. no funny story!

3. keep giggling with the seven dwarfs of menopause

This blog has held a pinnacle-three spot when you consider that i began running a blog. hiya, it is either chuckle or cry thru menopause, and wouldn't we all favor to snort?

Four. staying wonderful notwithstanding troubles

Each person has issues that make us experience powerless and defeated, so i am not surprised this blog made the pinnacle ten. i provide three simple hints on how we can control our outlook and still pick out to be satisfied despite our issues.

5. what are your lifestyles's happiest moments?

In case you look lower back to your life, which moments would you depend as your happiest? what might be your biggest regrets? it truly is the query one have a look at requested participants aged 70 and older. i percentage the results in their insightful solutions on this blog.

6. why older people are happier than baby boomers

Aww, my very first weblog that were given my weblog off the ground. the concept for this weblog become based on research that show, in standard, older humans - and even the more youthful technology - are happier than us toddler boomers. one study confirmed there is a u-shaped happiness curve with the early 50's as the bottom point of well-being.

7. glad as clean as 1-2-three

"i want my day to sense like there may be boundless beauty and opportunities and joy to be felt, discovered, explored, and expressed. and you understand what? i can and so are you able to," i wrote. this article got determined on come across, bringing me my 2d (after the rydell concert evaluation) all-time document high wide variety of traffic for one day.

8. staying happy thru menopause

I wrote this article after warm flash daily employed me to jot down humorous articles approximately menopause to release their new website. i had in no way written humor before, however had a blast doing it for them! i happily shared all of it - the scorching warm flashes, insane insomnia, traumatic forgetfulness, and crazy panic attacks that ensued for years. yes, years!

Nine. locating happiness with grandchildren

This blog became an smooth one to jot down. to be needed and desired by means of those pleasant little beings is a top notch treat and privilege. like many humans, i find that the rewards of own family life handiest grew richer and more pleasant as every new grandchild turned into born.

10. five satisfied snoopy fees

Okay, this one amazed me a little bit. but hi there, do not we all nonetheless love snoopy? now that i write a happiness weblog, i'm inspired with how an awful lot knowledge charles m. schultz cartoons incorporate on the challenge.

I loved writing these types of articles that proved to be popular with readers. with that during my thoughts, what's my primary recommendation to all of you who're considering blogging? write about your passions. permit your blog teach you existence instructions. and, eventually, revel in the system. then you may love running a blog as a whole lot as i do!
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