Want to Use Google Maps App on IOS Devices? Quickly Learn How to Do It

Maps and directions play an critical position in taking you to the preferred location by using following a accurate, concise, and problem-unfastened path, but do you already know the way to use them correctly? in case you're new to the maps app and want to use it for your preferred ios gadgets, then quickly comply with the manual under.
 Google Maps

Long past are the days when humans stop their vehicles and ask a neighborhood about the way to attain a particular region. diverse mapping and directional apps have significantly changing the complete technique of asking a stranger for a manner around, a selected region, or the nearest nation motorway. a number of the map apps also combine street view, and google earth features to present a detailed view of that unique region, vicinity or vicinity, wherein the user desires to attain. maximum of the android-powered gadgets include navigation app, by means of default, to make sure which you reach your destination on time, with an in depth course map. on account that apple doesn't carry any unique app for providing maps and instructions, google has these days launched google maps app for all of the ios gadgets. the new app lets in apple users to drop pins for each your starting point as well as destination to ensure that you by no means pass over out any foremost aspect placed en-route. additionally, you could additionally make use of the google avenue view to discover the restaurant, public places and points of attraction, in conjunction with the weather records for predominant worldwide towns.

What does maps associated with google do?

Undoubtedly, google-powered maps is a complete package of navigation and location finder homes and additionally gives an in depth view of using guidelines to that precise region. the company these days released the maps app for ios devices and the trendy replace offers standard computer virus fixes and a handful of new capabilities. the app is smart sufficient to provide the every day routes to your house and work addresses to shop your treasured time and efforts. if a consumer saves his home and work addresses in the app, it'll get the quickest route to shorten your trip timing. to shop your own home and work addresses, in reality register to maps. contact the menu > your places > type-in your property or work cope with. users can use the maps app to get driving directions to the specific location, and you can get right of entry to the road view imagery to are seeking info like enterprise hours, menus, and others.

How to use the today's google maps app on ios gadgets?

  • When you wish to use the app to get driving guidelines or google road view, pick out your place to begin and end vacation spot with the aid of tapping on the map.

  • The app will let you select the starting point by means of pinning it with the 'red' pin to mark the vicinity.

Three. pass the map till you pin the stop factor of your adventure and mark it without problems, even supposing a user do not know the exact cope with of the region.

Four. the brand new feature of the app also permits you to filter a eating place search on numerous parameters like delicacies, starting hours, distance, costs and others. just kind restaurant call inside the search bar and faucet on the 'filter' button, placed within the decrease-proper nook.
  • You may see the charge, delicacies, distance and rating filters, faucet it and select your desired filters to narrow your search.

  • Maps app also shows the modern-day climate statistics for a few famous cities across the globe. open the map of a city, faucet at the region banner, and you may get the current weather conditions, above the road view and snap shots thumbnails.

Google street view is an first-rate manner to are searching for correct and faster maps and instructions to reach your preferred destination on time. once in a while, the maps app will gift a route that could get blocked or inaccessible due to a few motive, don't panic and take any flip, the app will re-route the instructions for you. aside from offering information about routes, maps, and locations, the app is likewise able to including transit guidelines on your calendar. you may without problems get entry to the feature the usage of the stock ios calendar app and the sunrise calendar app. android users revel in one additional function of being capable of see contacts at the same time as searching for an deal with or get an elaborated delicacies filters while getting access to restaurants. down load and set up the google maps app on all your ios devices right now and experience a streamlined mapping enjoy!

Slow Computer Fixing Techniques For Non-Techies

A new pc is fast, smooth and plays movements inside seconds. however, as the time is going, it turns simply the other and starts operating slowly. as a end result, applications take hours to reply and once they do, they run too slowly. so, a way to get returned the magic of a fast laptop? check out a few cool options under.
Slow Computer Fixing Techniques For Non-Techies

Hints to assist a slow jogging pc:

  • Reboot: attempt turning the device off and on once more. reboot fixes the problems of a gradual laptop. though results are not assured, nevertheless you may keep in mind giving it a try.

  • Take a look at for viruses and malware: scanning the computer for malware and viruses is a very good step. this is because malware takes up the reminiscence; thereby, making the machine slow. different dangerous actions possible are corrupting applications, wiping crucial files and causing actual harm over the years. test if the computer runs on mechanically scheduled antivirus experiment.
Three. check the difficult power: at the same time as checking the hard power, if you find only some megabytes of garage area left or repetitive warnings about strolling out of power area, it's time for a few movement. empty the recycle bin, uninstall useless packages and delete temp documents.
  • Check the jogging software: one of the maximum giant motives in the back of a laptop strolling slow is that it is able to be loaded with bloat ware applications from 0.33-birthday party carriers. those are the packages that run in the historical past and are vain consuming out the system assets. in such situation, test the startup menu and uninstall the software program you do not require.
  • Upload more memory: that is a excellent way to fix a slow computer. however, this is a time taking technique and steeply-priced as properly. if you aren't well-versed with technical information, it's appropriate to go to the specialists. as laptop is a delicate tool, do not try making use of useless efforts, as it will break the machine totally.
  • Defrag the power: immoderate usage ends in fragmentation of tough force leading to a gadget that runs sluggish. to restore this computer virus, run defrag overnight with a purpose to clean up the force. make certain avoid using the device for some hours.
  • Get aol laptop checkup: if each attempt fails, it is ideal to go for aol pc checkup. this may speed up the gradual device, easy up the unwanted documents, automates disk defrag and optimizes the machine's overall performance.
Strive those useful guidelines and make your device work the manner you need it to. in case you lack the wanted know-how and tool, name the technicians for immediate assist.

Steve smith has been in writing enterprise due to the fact that years. he has designated expertise approximately technical system defects including email set up, laptop walking slow, virus removal, blue display screen of dying and so forth. examine his articles to recognise more about resolving technical system faults.

What to Do When Google Chrome Crashes

You may want to repair google chrome if it keeps crashing, freezing and prevents running, or if it won't begin in any respect. what steps do you're taking? read directly to discover.

A) as a primary step, attempt the subsequent chrome crash fixes:
Google Chrome Crashes

1) your tool may additionally have run out of reminiscence and you are not able to load the site even as additionally walking your apps, extensions and programs.

To loose up reminiscence:

A) Near each tab except the one it is displaying the error message.

B) Quit other apps or programs which are going for walks and pause any app or report downloads.

For your computer uninstall needless extensions from chrome.

2) Stop chrome and reopen it. for home windows: press ctrl+q. strive loading the web page once more.

3) Packages and apps from time to time preserve the page from loading correctly.

A) Restart your pc.

B) Try loading the page again.

B) if the above steps didn't paintings, troubleshoot chrome crash troubles.

A) In case you are on windows, use "chrome smooth up" tool to locate and get rid of unwanted software.

B) To figure out whether there may be a problem with the website or chrome, try starting the web page in another browser. as an instance, strive using firefox or safari to load the page.

If it works in some other browser, try the subsequent steps:

1) Uninstall and reinstall chrome.

2) Uninstall and reinstall extensions.

3) Fix hardware acceleration problems: there may be a trouble with how your pc or tool's tough power works with chrome. to fix:

Open settings >system> display acceleration settings

Uncheck the container next to "use hardware accelerator whilst available."

4) Restart chrome.

If it doesn't paintings with every other browser, it can be a trouble together with your network or the website itself.

C) repair issues if chrome may not open in any respect in your laptop. chrome would possibly already be walking in the heritage in your laptop. to peer if chrome opens, force give up it and comply with the stairs below to your running system.

A) Run ctrl+alt+delete

B) Click begin assignment manager

C) Underneath "methods", search for "google chrome" or "chrome.exe".

D) Click on it and click "end technique" if applicable.

E) Next modify antivirus and check for malware.

It is feasible that either your antivirus software or unwanted malware is preventing chrome from beginning. to restoration, take a look at if chrome is blocked by way of antivirus or other software to your computer.

F) restart your pc because a application or method going for walks in your laptop would possibly end up a trouble with chrome.

D) if the above answers don't paintings, i would advocate which you uninstall and reinstall chrome.

What if chrome remains no longer working? then activate crash file to provide

Statistics. and also you are unfastened to post a comment on "chrome assist discussion board."

Rosina s khan has authored this newsletter, highlighting methods to work round while google chrome crashes.

The Inherent Creepiness of Technology and the Betrayal of Privacy

We have to all be involved about how era has no not most effective taken over our international however also our non-public lives as well. it would appear that there are best advantages to generation. but this is not the case as i shall display in this text.
The Inherent Creepiness of Technology and the Betrayal of Privacy

Modern technology isn't as fantastic because it seems. it is a whole lot more sinister than it appears. most people aren't even privy to some of the terrible heritage results of generation that can be dangerous or maybe dangerous to their well-being and peace of thoughts.

So much seems to be going on this is out of our view and beyond our manipulate. it's far a ways worse than the courageous new world that huxley described a few years ago. it's miles a world that now not most effective watches us however also pries into our private lives when we least anticipate it.

Our technological structures are an increasing number of passing statistics from side to side with out bothering to tell us that they're doing so. they are parsing and reading it to determine the deeper which means of what we are saying and do.

Consequently, technology is quietly however relentlessly invading our every day lives.

Here are a few approaches that era robotically does this.

• when you operate your phone to take a image, it vehicle-uploads to fb without your understanding or permission.

• your e mail through loose vendors along with google, yahoo or microsoft isn't as safe as it can seem. there's no manner for any you to know how your e-mail is processed. there are without a doubt no tools to research it.

• overdue at night, you may pay attention the hard force whirring on your laptop. the screen is flickering even though no one is the use of it. is there someone clearly there or now not?

• bars in numerous towns have mounted cameras that silently watch their customers and make inferences approximately them from their bodily characteristics. then they use this information with out your permission in the event that they want to.

• next technology wearable computers such as google glass may additionally begin regularly tracking in which you're looking when you are at the net. that statistics will then be sold to advertisers and others who are searching for a window into your thoughts.

• your cellphone might also pay attention for audio cues about where you are with out your understanding. is that a football stadium announcer it hears? possibly you would like a reduction coupon for the group's keep. all of this may be processed within the historical past.

Consequently, we have to ensure that we store ourselves from these technologies which might be invading our lives and discovering who we are without our understanding it.

Therefore, we must all take heart and make sure that we are cautious with our technologies. shut them down as regularly as feasible. which can forestall big brother from definitely looking you and collecting facts about you and spreading it with out your permission.

Thank for analyzing

Why I Love Blogging

People blog for plenty reasons. originally, i started my weblog the give up of 2013 as an author platform.

However as time surpassed, i realized my blog furnished a lot more than an creator platform and it wasn't all approximately the numbers. blogging served a one-of-a-kind and extra profound reason. i'd even say that it is modified the manner i observe and stay my life.

It is why if you're considering beginning a weblog, i'd extraordinarily recommend it. this is, if you're blogging for the proper motives.

If you're beginning a weblog to get rich or maybe to eke out a dwelling, well, don't expect it. monetizing a weblog is first rate hard these days. in reality, after 3 years, i am still now not being profitable from my weblog. via the way, don't trust all of the hype from humans promoting online guides that try to convince you running a blog is a top notch manner to make passive earnings. make no mistake, writing and promoting a blog is a ton of work. there may be not anything passive approximately it.

In truth, it's so smooth to get annoyed when you first begin a blog. as a technically-challenged person, i needed to analyze wordpress. then, i spent a whole lot of time promoting my weblog and looking for an audience. some thing else i knew little approximately. as with most bloggers, i speedy have become obsessed - and depressed - with the numbers and how many site visitors, subscribers, and facebook fans i had on any given day. seems building up readership for a weblog takes quite a few time, attempt, and staying power.

So why blog?

Some human beings may also disagree with me, but i suppose running a blog shouldn't simply be approximately earning money, drumming up enterprise, gathering a massive following, chasing reputation, or trying to promote books.

Blogging can function a creative channel to voice ideas, mind, reviews, beliefs, and feelings. on pinnacle of that, writing a blog presents a super possibility to inspire and contact the lives of other people in a advantageous way.

How running a blog changed my lifestyles

My blog has certainly seen me via many u.s.and downs those past few years. i have written approximately happy moments like a journey to chicago with my husband to celebrate our anniversary, an afternoon spent gambling within the snow with my grandchildren, watching paul mccartney and the rolling stones at wasteland trip, and a brief weekend experience with my youngsters to san francisco.

I have additionally poured my heart out whilst caregiving for my mother who suffered from lewy frame dementia and wrote about her eventual death. i shared my angst while my mom-in-law died from ovarian cancer and my son went via a painful divorce and custody struggle that equal 12 months. (mockingly, quickly when I commenced writing a blog about happiness, i had the worst 12 months of my existence.)

Sure, i really like analyzing, which offers a welcome respite from my issues, however writing is my real get away, outlet, and passion. after I write, i end up so targeted, my troubles fade away for awhile, giving me a much wanted wreck. in reality, in case you're simply a writer, agree with me, it's miles a lifestyles-long dependancy!

The method of placing my mind and feelings into writing has brought me consolation in addition to help me relive happy moments.creator

As i have written about my life, my blog helped me consider what is essential to me and determine if my life is headed inside the right path.

When you consider that i cannot write about each occasion, idea, notion, and feeling, blogging provides a sort of filter, clarifying my lifestyles. my blogs have helped me recognize what is most meaningful to me. i've observed along the way that from time to time it is the simplest moments that make me the happiest.
Why I Love Blogging

Embracing creativity

As a professional author, my blog offers me first-rate innovative freedom to explicit myself. not to pop absolutely everyone's balloon, but writing sounds more glamorous than it's far in truth. for most of the beyond 25 years, i've written articles on topics that magazines, newspapers, publishers, and clients pick out for me.

Genuine, i've written  young person books, journey articles, humorous pieces, and feature tales on fascinating humans that were a laugh. alternatively, if you want to make a living, i have additionally written articles that bored me to tears. i have tackled technical articles - and one technical e-book - that gave me an excedrin headache and drove me nuts. i've written on demand, meeting different people's time limits, writing past due into the night as my mind is desperately attempting to call it quits.

Don't get me wrong. i may additionally sound whiny, however i fully realise that i am darn lucky to have made a living at some thing i like. i would not have had it another way.

The point is, my blog is my toddler. i write on topics i am inquisitive about and experience enthusiastic about and hope my target audience will enjoy as nicely. my blog allows me to stretch as a author, explore, test, and attempt new things whenever the foundation hits. writing professionally has given me the area to post a blog every week, however i write my blogs after I select. and believe me, it really is now not on the crack of dawn or 10:00 at night time! that is costly.

So, the ones are a number of the approaches running a blog has changed my lifestyles. however, as i mentioned earlier, the huge bonus is that blogging can trade other human beings's lives as nicely.

Some humans have left comments letting me understand that i have in some small way stimulated them or provided useful statistics and that always brings me such pleasure. writing a weblog has provided an opportunity to hook up with readers and different bloggers, which has been so worthwhile.

What sort of blogs have verified to be most famous? it's always exciting to peer what resonates and hits domestic. my top ten blogs in order of reputation:

1. five approaches to turn out to be a satisfied-pass-lucky individual

Every 12 months, that is my top-appearing weblog by way of some distance. merriam-webster defines satisfied-cross-fortunate as blithely unconcerned and carefree. synonyms include affable, laid-again, low-stress, and mellow. i bet we all want a number of that!

2. golden boys in live performance: bobby rydell, frankie avalon, and fabian

I used to be asked to do a e book evaluation of bobby rydell's autobiography. this brought about an interview, free tickets to his golden boys concert with frankie avalon and fabian, and a behind the curtain skip to meet rydell in man or woman. this was a pleasant perk that got here from blogging! the day they published my live performance overview on rydell's fb page, my visitors accelerated by using 3000% for the day. no funny story!

3. keep giggling with the seven dwarfs of menopause

This blog has held a pinnacle-three spot when you consider that i began running a blog. hiya, it is either chuckle or cry thru menopause, and wouldn't we all favor to snort?

Four. staying wonderful notwithstanding troubles

Each person has issues that make us experience powerless and defeated, so i am not surprised this blog made the pinnacle ten. i provide three simple hints on how we can control our outlook and still pick out to be satisfied despite our issues.

5. what are your lifestyles's happiest moments?

In case you look lower back to your life, which moments would you depend as your happiest? what might be your biggest regrets? it truly is the query one have a look at requested participants aged 70 and older. i percentage the results in their insightful solutions on this blog.

6. why older people are happier than baby boomers

Aww, my very first weblog that were given my weblog off the ground. the concept for this weblog become based on research that show, in standard, older humans - and even the more youthful technology - are happier than us toddler boomers. one study confirmed there is a u-shaped happiness curve with the early 50's as the bottom point of well-being.

7. glad as clean as 1-2-three

"i want my day to sense like there may be boundless beauty and opportunities and joy to be felt, discovered, explored, and expressed. and you understand what? i can and so are you able to," i wrote. this article got determined on come across, bringing me my 2d (after the rydell concert evaluation) all-time document high wide variety of traffic for one day.

8. staying happy thru menopause

I wrote this article after warm flash daily employed me to jot down humorous articles approximately menopause to release their new website. i had in no way written humor before, however had a blast doing it for them! i happily shared all of it - the scorching warm flashes, insane insomnia, traumatic forgetfulness, and crazy panic attacks that ensued for years. yes, years!

Nine. locating happiness with grandchildren

This blog became an smooth one to jot down. to be needed and desired by means of those pleasant little beings is a top notch treat and privilege. like many humans, i find that the rewards of own family life handiest grew richer and more pleasant as every new grandchild turned into born.

10. five satisfied snoopy fees

Okay, this one amazed me a little bit. but hi there, do not we all nonetheless love snoopy? now that i write a happiness weblog, i'm inspired with how an awful lot knowledge charles m. schultz cartoons incorporate on the challenge.

I loved writing these types of articles that proved to be popular with readers. with that during my thoughts, what's my primary recommendation to all of you who're considering blogging? write about your passions. permit your blog teach you existence instructions. and, eventually, revel in the system. then you may love running a blog as a whole lot as i do!
Thank You For Reading This Article 
By For To Day 
Have A Nice Blogging 
Go Ahead 

How to Select a Digital Marketing Company for Marketing Your Business

Marketing performs a completely essential role in reworking a business into a successful brand. the requirement of digital marketing has visible a substantial upward thrust in latest years. increasingly enterprise homes are selecting it for an in depth patron attain.

The market is flooded with numerous companies imparting virtual advertising services, but they all are not able to fulfill your requirements and expectancies. consequently, selecting the right digital advertising company is very critical for you and your business' growth. if you are searching out such a firm, here are the steps for your support:

Behavior an in-intensity research 
Digital Marketing Company
Earlier than you hire a company to market your business digitally, conduct an in-intensity studies with the help of the internet and the people who have currently lease this type of company. your conducted studies will guide you in getting familiarity with the phrases and practices of virtual advertising. moreover, it'll help you emerge as aware about your business requirements and make a better desire.

Rent a reputed and experienced company 
Usually remember that the organisation's enterprise enjoy in conjunction with high market popularity matters a lot for you. one of these organisation works for you inside the first-rate feasible way to hold it earned marketplace recognition and its revel in discloses that it'd have faced many demanding situations and learnt a lot from those demanding situations at the same time as serving the customers like you. you need to select an experienced and exceedingly reputed digital advertising organisation for advertising your enterprise digitally.

Discover about the web presence 
You recognize the online presence of a advertising company discloses that it's miles very active and it maintains its customers engaged by using updating its weblog frequently. the weblog incorporates of high great, informative content that makes the clients conscious what is happening within the enterprise. the organisation, to be able to help you marketplace your business logo, ought to be capable of make a emblem for itself inside the market.

Enquire approximately the equipment 
The organization you're going to pick on your advertising campaign ought to use the trendy strategies and gear to research, tract information and make other advertising efforts. enquire that the business enterprise continues itself updated with the modern day tendencies in virtual advertising and marketing or not.

Get a quote 
Before creating a very last selection on a virtual advertising and marketing business enterprise, you should ask for rates from more than one firm. ask the firm to mention fee systems in detail. it'll assist you to avail high best digital advertising and marketing services at a lower fee.

Do evaluate and comparison by maintaining all the points in mind and pick out the one that fits you nice. deciding on the right corporation will show to be very effective on your enterprise.

Getting From A Google Rating Of 88 To 100-Tips For 2017

Page title also known as a blog's h1 header - that is the blog title and it should not exceed 60 characters, that is the maximum normal with the aid of all essential search engines like google. but, it comes exceedingly recommended to preserve it at around 55 characters. your web page identify (h1 header) have to be specific and goal brief tail keywords, possibly around 3 will be suggestible. make your identify easy to consider and goal a specific need inside your area of interest. however more importantly, bear in mind to offer a solution inside your content material.
Getting From A Google Rating Of 88 To 100-Tips For 2018

Put up titles additionally called a weblog's h2 headers - each blog submit title need to be an h2 header, and this is wherein one need to target the lengthy tail key phrases. commonly around three keywords utilized in conjunction to make up a striking title. remember the fact that neither your site nor post identify have to be of promotional nature, however as a substitute informative pointing at what to anticipate.

Meta description - a blog's meta description ought to include the first-class description of what the blog is ready. tell your vacationer what to anticipate, and what sort of content they will have get admission to to. the meta description need to not exceed a hundred and sixty characters, but as with the website title a lesser quantity is usually recommended. preserve the meta description at round one hundred fifty five characters to be secure.

Meta keywords - that is wherein it gets a little greater interesting, because meta key phrases are now not time-honored by google. in reality, the presence of meta key phrases will reduce your google rating substantially.

Damaged links - you must frequently take a look at on broken hyperlinks inside the in page urls. these are put up, web page and remark hyperlinks. which is likewise why a spam blocker is important in your blog, and the quality manner to do that is with a spam blocking off plugin.

Underscores in hyperlinks - underscores in hyperlinks can also be referred to as unfriendly s.e.o characters on your in web page urls. these encompass any special characters you need to enter through the use of the shift key to your keyboard. continually make sure that each page and publish urls do no longer comprise any of these special characters.

Inline c.s.s styles - inline c.s.s styles are located inside the html code of pictures. now there are hundreds of web sites at the internet wherein you can download excessive first-rate royalty loose images. (simply search your browser for the quest phrase "royalty loose photos") my studies have shown that these inline c.s.s styles, are less commonplace in photographs from actual cameras. dressmaker or edited snap shots but, seldom does no longer have inline c.s.s. patterns and this is in which you want to apply a bit greater caution. but there may be any other "trick" with inline c.s.s patterns.

When an photo contains inline c.s.s styles, and is used as a featured photo to a blog submit then it will no longer intrude with the web page's google score. whilst the use of such pix as header or background pics and that is whilst the site's google rating could be affected.

Favicon - having a favicon alone can raise a blog's google score with 10 - 15%. a favicon is usually an photo of ideally 200 x 2 hundred pixels. a great brand works properly, and this is additionally the photograph that will be used have to you make a decision to create an app. for example, whilst you open wordpress, the tiny blue "w" appear within the window tab to the top. this is the web site favicon and when there is no favicon it will usually display as a tiny page photograph with a folded corner.

Www redirection - the www section of your website online's link need to redirect to the primary area. in different words the urls could be http: // www (dot) your blog domain (dot) com, and just http: // your weblog area (dot) com. both these urls must redirect to the blog's primary area.

Now as soon as a site meet with the 23 from 25 requirements, it will have reached a google rating of 88% and there are only  necessities left. you can view the requirement compliance with a device i exploit called "small s.e.o gear", you may need to look your browser for this one and use the s.e.o rating checker. from there you clearly do a little enhancing and ensure your weblog comply with the 23 necessities.

The final 12% to a google rating of 100% is made up from domain and page authority. increasing a domain's domain and web page authority requires loads of beneficial content material, however more importantly it calls for time. time is the best secret factor of fulfillment, due to the fact time is what builds information.

Area authority - domain authority may be accelerated through making sure all pages and posts consist of content material above one thousand words, saved to a most of 2000 phrases. google loves sparkling exciting content material, which is why running a blog is greater desired among a hit affiliate entrepreneurs. try together with your anchor textual content inside your page and publish content material. anchor text is the textual content that your traveler might be much more likely to enter in their browser to search for a particular product or data.

Web page authority - page authority will growth by means of the presence of comments and high nice returned-links. that is why it comes notably encouraged to ensure that remarks would require to be reviewed by way of the webmaster first. junk mail blocking plugins commonly try this routinely.

A guide way to make sure excessive nice back hyperlinks, is to bodily take a look at each electronic mail deal with and url shared via the vacationer's comment. you need to never just blindly welcome all feedback, it can do greater harm than suitable. if both of these links do not paintings, then in an effort to simply be another damaged hyperlink pointing to your blog and decrease the google score.

Pleasant to also be using an s.e.o plugin like "multi functional s.e.o percent" which can easily be established from within the weblog c-panel. plugins are some of the satisfactory tools to rank rapid. cloak affiliate links and plenty more. affiliate hyperlinks may be cloaked to point lower back to the weblog primary area.

That way sites like fb will not flag, block or ban the link you share in your posts. however that is a topic for over again.